National Smile Month

National Smile Month 


At St Anne’s dental clinic we are getting involved in national smile month. Every year national smile month is a campaign created by the Oral Health Foundation to provide knowledge and tips surrounding oral health and its importance.


What is National Smile Month? 

The Oral Health Foundation created the campaign to create awareness of promoting excellent oral health and the importance of visiting your dentist regularly. Between 13th May – 13th June the Oral Health Foundation will be sharing their professional knowledge on how we can better our smiles and take care of them. Each year the Oral Health Foundation creates a theme surrounding the month, this year the theme is ‘Love your smile’


Why are we getting involved? 

We are getting involved as we are proud to take care of smile across the Fylde coast, your smiles are important to us and we want to create awareness of the importance of attending dental check ups. We are dedicated to caring for your smiles and we want to provide the best care and advice for our patients. Every year we take part in National Smile Month through small ways that we think works for our patients to raise awareness. We love this years theme of ‘Love your smile as we think it’s perfect of what we think is important here at St Anne’s Dental Clinic.


How to love your smile.

Here at St Anne’s Dental Clinic we think it is important to love your smile , here are our top tips how to care for your smile and love it!

  • Attend regular dental check ups, we advise to be seen every 6 – 12 months. You can discuss with your dentist a recall that suits your needs and your oral hygiene.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. We advise to stick to 3 meals per day, reduce sugar intake and don’t snack in-between meals. Avoid sugary snacks and drinks, these cause tooth cavities!
  • Brush twice a day daily for at least 2 minutes. Don’t rinse after brushing, you want the toothpaste to soak into those teeth!
  • Be confident with your smile. We see so many smiles everyday, we love patients who are happy and confident in their smile. Wear yours with confidence!