Smile Gallery & Testimonials

 an image showing a man set of teeth smiling before and after the dental treatment was carried out
a close up image showing two pictures ofteeth and gums before and after the dental treatment was completed

“Before and after of my teeth! So glad to have them sorted, always been a massive insecurity. Thank you to St Annes Dental Clinic for getting me in, I can’t thank you enough!”

an image showing two pictures of one of our happy patients smiling before and after the dental treatment was carried out
a close up image showing two pictures of one of our patients teeth (before and after) dental repair work was carried out to build up and remodel his teeth to look as natural as possible

“Thankyou Manesh for bringing my smile back. After years of tooth grinding it left me self- concious when smiling. Without any injections, you built up and remodelled my teeth to look as natural and as good as they were in my teens. I must congratulate you on achieving your Masters as that is exactly what you are.
A Master of Dentistry.”

two pictures on one image showing one of our female patients smiling before and after dental treatment was carried out on their set of teeth by Dr Panchala close up image showing two pictures a patient's gums and teeth before and after dental work was carried out

“The treatment and the service from yourself (Dr Panchal) and the clinic has been excellent. Thank you so much for your time and patience but most of all giving me back my smile that I can be proud of again. I have experienced no problems at all. Thank you.”
Janice H

a close up image showing two pictures before and after dental work was carried out

“Thank you so much for all the work you (Dr Hitesh Panchal) have done on my teeth, which over the months was a painstakingly long job, also for the patience you showed towards me, as i was very nervous at the beginning.

I now feel a much more confident person thanks to the treatment. Lots of people comment on how good my teeth look. I love my smile now and it has really changed my life. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any family or friends”
Charlotte T

a close up image of a patients set of teeth showing two images before and after dental treatment was carried out to repair her teeth

“I would like to say a great big thank you for making me feel at ease and building my confidence up and making me feel good about myself again.
Thank you very much for everything”
Sue B

a close up image showing two pictures of before and after design treatment was carried out by Dr Hitesh Panchal

“I recently had smile design treatment from Dr Hitesh Panchal, and I am extremely happy with my new smile and the confidence it has given me”
Andrew C


“I would like to write a few lines to express my appreciation for your previous and continuing treatment at St Annes Dental Clinic. Finding a dentist you have confidence in is sometimes difficult. You (Dr Hitesh Panchal) have been my dentist for some years now, firstly at a practice in Fleetwood, and then when you left there , I followed you to your present practice.

I did this because of your excellent advice, service and treatment. My treatment over the last few years began with my wish to have veneers to my front teeth. You advised me that the best course of action would be to haveorthodontic braces. This I did at the age of 44, and I have been absolutely delighted with my beautiful smile ever since.

I didn’t think my lovely smile could be improved upon, until you suggested tooth whitening. What a big difference that made. It has made me look younger, in fact, people comment on how well and youthful i look. I can wholly recommend these two courses of restorative and cosmetic treatments, as they have given me new confidence and enhanched my appearance considerably.

All the staff at St Annes Dental Clinic are professional and courteous. The reception area is light, airy and quiet, which all contribute to a calm atmosphere. The staff always give a warm welcome and nothing is too much trouble. It is quite obvious to see that dental nurses are all excently trained and the treatment rooms are of the highest quality, accomodating the most up to date advanced technology.

I would be very happy to recommend both yourself and the treatments I have received to anyone who many be considering the same.”
Julie H


“I would like to thank you (Dr Hitesh Panchal) for the excellent dental treatment that you have given me over the last 12 months. When I first came to see you I have to admit that I was very nervous. I hadn’t had great eperiences with dentists when I was a child and living next door to a Blackpool rock factory as I grew up meant that my teeth weren’t in great shape.

Looking back on the course of treatment I am absolutely delighted with the results. From the initial consultation, where you set my mind at ease and discussed all of the possible options available, you have been very careful to explain everything in detail and makde sure there were no surprises. The ‘vision’ that you had initially has been completely fulfilled and what I love about my new smile the most is that it really does look so natural. I didn’t want a shiny white perfect cosmetic smile and you took the time to look at which teeth shapes and shading would work for me and you got it spot on.
At ech appointment, I knew what to expect and whilst some of the consultations were long, they were never painful or unpleasant – you made sure of that and my fear of dentists has been well and truly banished for good.

Thank you very much indeed for looking after me and helping to keep my mouth healthy and my smile naturally great again – I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and family.”
Pauline T


“I just wanted to drop you (Dr Hitesh Panchal) a line to thank you for the recent work that you have carried out for me, it is difficult enough to visit the dentist at the best of times but when you move to a new area as we did 5 years ago it becomes a bit of a gamble.

In that time you have treated all the family and recently given me the confidence back to smile after replacing a bridge with excellent results, we live in a culture where people find the least excuse to complain so it is only right to thank people if you are happy with the service.

So once again thank you and although it has never been an unpleasant experience I hope I dont have to visit too often”
Sue F