Treatment Schedule

The Consultation

The first phase of the treatment is the consultation where the mouth is examined and any impressions and X-rays taken.

At this stage Dr Gary Hills will make some verbal recommendations, and explain to you the procedures that could be done.


Assessment & Treatment Planning

It is important to remember that before in the implant treatment is carried out the mouth must be free of disease. A part of the preparation before implants can be placed involves the removal of any disease such as decay of infection.

Dr Gary Hills will assess everything and set out a full and thorough treatment plan for your implant surgery. He will give an estimate on treatment times.

This will then be outlined in a letter giving an explanation of each stage of the procedure and the costs involved. Once you are comfortable with the proposals a decision would be made to proceed with the treatment.


Placement of Implants

Patients with sufficient bone: The second phase of the treatment will involve placement of implants. This is normally carried out under a local anaesthetic and sedation is usually preferred. A strict regime of sterility is used for this procedure and patients are draped.

The gum is lifted the implants are precisely placed and the gum is put back and the incision site closed. Directly after surgery any temporary bridgework or dentures will be put back. One to two weeks later the operation site is reviewed and the sutures are removed.

Patients requiring bone grafts: The third phase of the treatment for patients with insufficient bone would be a grafting procedure.

If a small amount of bone is required the bone is usually taken from another part of the mouth. This can easily be carried out in the surgery.

If the amount of bone required is much greater, this would be obtained from the hip. This is only necessary if there are many missing teeth and the bone has been severely destroyed.

The implants are then placed once the graft has healed.


Temporary Teeth

The fourth phase of the treatment is the exposure of the implant. The gum is lifted and the post is attached to the implant. A temporary crown or bridge is constructed until such time as the permanent bridge is made.


Definitive Teeth

Crown and Bridgework

This is usually made over a period of one month for single teeth, and up to three months for larger bridgework taking up to six appointments two weeks apart. Sometimes appointments can be scheduled closer together but this involves advance scheduling with the laboratory.


Sometimes an existing denture can be used as long as it is otherwise satisfactory. A new denture would take in the region of one month to construct.