5 Reasons to Visit Your Dentist Regularly

You hear often by your dentist or adverts that regular dental checks are important, but why exactly are they?

We understand that for some people, the dentist is the last place they want to visit regularly and some people often put it off until they have toothache. Attending routine appointments for a check up is important for a variety of things, not just your teeth. We have put together our 5 reasons why you should attend those 6 monthly checks.

1 . Detect and Prevent 

We believe one of the most important reasons to attend regular dental checks is to detect any early decay and prevent it from turning into toothache which can result in further treatment needed on the tooth. Every 2 years your dentist will take routine dental x-rays, this is required to check decay that may be forming and check bone levels to catch early gum disease as these things aren’t always visible in the mouth. Decay can lurk in the places the dentist can’t always see with their tools. For example, if you have a tooth with a root canal and a crown decay can still form, especially under crowns. If we catch decay forming early, we can prevent it turning into nasty toothache. 

2. Check for Cancer 

You might think your dentist is only checking your teeth when you attend for your routine appointment, this is not true! Your dentist is checking the soft tissues, which includes the gums, your surrounding areas such as inside and outside the cheeks, lips and also your face for anything abnormal. Dentists commonly refer for lumps and bumps outside of the mouth than they do inside as they check the surrounding areas are healthy too. This is one of the reasons we tell patients to attend regular appointments to ensure we spot those signs early and refer when we need to. 

3.  Oral Health Advice 

Knowing what the best hygiene routine is can be daunting, especially from TV adverts telling you that all their products work best and having so many dental products to choose from. It is as easy as chatting to your dentist. During your routine appointment they will offer you their best advice for your current dental health. You may also have questions or concerns that you aren’t sure about, our dentists provide the best advice on what to use and what products are best to avoid. 

4. Cosmetic Advice  

With the rise of dental treatment being offered abroad, we want to provide the best advice possible to avoid these types of treatments being done if not necessary. Routine checks are your time with your dentist to discuss concerns you may have about your teeth and what you would like to change. We can offer the best type of treatment for your teeth by discussing what would work for you, you would be surprised at how many patients believe they need the full veneer look but all they need is simple whitening treatment to achieve their desired look. If you’re thinking about a cosmetic procedure but aren’t sure what is right for you, book in with your dentist for advice. 

5.  Answer Your Common Questions

If you have any questions regarding your dental health or you have spotted signs of gum disease or decay, it might be something as simple as you aren’t sure what toothbrush is right for you. We are here to answer your questions. Your routine check up time is your time to sit down with your dentist and discuss any concerns you might have. If you have spotted signs of bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity or you have noticed a tooth has changed colour, we are here to answer all your questions. We commonly here patients coming in and have searched on Google symptoms they are presenting which can put fear into them, stop! 

Your dentist is here to answer your questions and discuss what may be happening. Book in your 3, 6 or 12 monthly check with us and don’t put off for any longer, we are here to help you.